Summer is on its way and we all know what that means – great times with Utdanningshjelpen at various festivals and events!

Thanks to many years of hard and focused work the organisation has now reached a place where we get the most exciting and attractive missions around.

The events include:

– Oslo Middelalderfestival. 16th & 17th of June.

– Kollen Festivalen (featuring Rihanna!): 29th & 30th of June. This is the biggest festival for us this summer. We need 2 x 60 people, so tell your friends! Great job for our cause!

– Øya-festivalen: 7th – 11th of August.

– Mela-festival: 23rd – 27th of August.

– Oslo Maraton: 22nd of September.

Mela-fesitval 2011: Linton Kwesi Johnson and head of volunteerism Utdanningshjelpen, Steffen Mussche

These are all great jobs where you will see great artists perform, meet lovely, inspiring people from our organisation and of course contribute to Utdanningshjelpens important and uplifting work!

If you want to participate in any of these events, please contact head of volunteerism Steffen Mussche via email:
or cellphone 99 25 02 07.

Looking forwards to seeing you all!

Best regards,