A quick summary of some important events.

Hello awesome people! I hope you had awesome holidays, and ate lots of good food and enjoyed good company. In any case, the new semester again started up, and the local chapter of Utdanningshjelpen is waking up from its winter hibernation!

”Tenn et Skolelys” winter project

The “Tenn et skolelys” campaign, which started November. 28, collected in its first two months 18,102 kroner towards education in Ghana. Slowly but surely we are reaching the campaigns goal of 50.000 kroner.

The campaign is now planning a celebration of Ghana’s National Day (March. 6). That will happen Thursday march 1. with African pots, music and lots of lit candles! Follow our Facebook page and/or check your email for updates regarding time and place. Do you have any ideas for for the campaign in February and March? Any companies that may want to support the campaign? Kindly speak out!

We still need volunteers for the project. All you will have to do is give up a few hours of the day to sell the candles and cards. If you want to participate, or have any questions, or want to purchase some candles and/or cards, please send and email to Hilde Olsen at hildeols@hotmail.com or call 93617525.

Thank you all so much, and hope you have time to support this year’s winter campaign until its end, March 28. 2012!

The lectures

Utdanningshjelpen Blindern was host to two exiting lectures in the spring semester.

The second lecture on November 10. was about the Angelina Jolie effect on aid. Do celebrities advance the work of poverty reduction and peace work better than professionals?  What is the reason for this Angelina Jolie-effect and what are the consequences? The panel addressing these questions consisted of Anita Daae (chief of communications for UNICED), Kjetil Fredtheim (associate professor from the department of Theology), Lise Sivertsen (chief of communications for CARE) and Arnfinn Nygaard (Senior Advisor for the RORG network.

Anita from UNICED asked, among other things, how critical we should be with celebrities if that leads to less money. Should moral go before money? It’s a fact that celebrities must “learn” to be ambassadors, they aren’t just thrown in there for glitz’ sake. Local celebrities are also used, such as Ole Gunnar Solskjærs work for Norwegian awareness. Lisa Sivertsen and Kjetil Fredtheim were positive to the use of celebrities up to a point, as long as they are used critically.  Arnfinn from the RORG-network had a more critical voice in the use of celebrities. He meant that the celebrities don’t give a proper picture of the situation, and that it has neocolonial connotations (white man doing good work), and that the use of celebrities is actually stupefying on us. He was also critical to the whole concept of aid, as it doesn’t really change anything; it only addresses the symptoms of a global system of inequality.

It was an interesting lecture with many exiting viewpoints! Thanks to the lecturers, participants and volunteers that made these two awesome lectures happen!

If there’s anything you’re wondering, or anything else, don’t hesitate to send us an email to uhblindern@gmail.com!

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Take care people!

Per // Utdanningshjelpen Blindern